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The Clinic for Medical Aesthetics - Jody


"When I met Dana she was filling in for a colleague. I was very impressed with the technique she used to fill my lips. I put her contact info in my phone. When I started contemplating having more procedures I made an appointment with her. When I left from our consultation I was so excited and encouraged. I had started to notice that my skin had thinned and looked saggy. Dana recommend 2 treatments of Sculptra to smooth out the deep folds and a couple of Skin Pen micro therapy treatments to refresh and rejuvenated my skin. I am so happy with the results. My face has filled out. I have cheeks again. My skin looks fabulous! My husband had watched the Sculptra video with me before I had the procedure and he agrees, the Sculptra treatments did everything I had hoped for and more!"


"At first, I was skeptical about Skin Pen, seeing dramatic results from a painless treatment seemed impossible. In my research it seemed that extreme treatments with a lot of downtime and a long healing process was my only option to repair my severe acne scarring. I met with Dana and she was confident she could make a difference in my skin and I am so glad I trusted her and decided to try it.

Skin Pen has changed my skin dramatically, not only has it reduced my acne scarring better than anything I have ever tried it has improved the over all look, elasticity, and scarring discoloration. There is no pain or discomfort and down time is eliminated if you don’t mind being a little pink for a day similar to a light sun burn. I would recommend Skin Pen to anyone even slightly unhappy with the texture of their skin the results can be incredible.

Dana and the staff at The Clinic have changed my life, I am finally seeing results I’ve only dreamt of."

The Clinic for Medical Aesthetics - Megan

The Clinic for Medical Aesthetics - PDO Neck Treatment

PDO Neck Treatment

This patient had a PDO Thread Lift procedure to tighten the neck and jaw line. The photo on the left was taken 2 months before photo on right. 14 PDO Threads were used and the results are beautiful.

Pixel Laser

Erin tans easily and is prone to hyper pigmentation. This pictures shows her problem areas before having a Pixel Laser. The after photo was taken 6 weeks after treatment.  A Pixel Laser can also be done on neck, hands and arms.


The Clinic for Medical Aesthetics - Before and After Pixel Laser

Lash Lift.jpg

Lash Lift

 Angie's before & after, no mascara or makeup...what a difference! 
The lifting effect dramatically enhances natural lashes by curling them, resulting in a more defined overall appearance. The addition of an eyelash tint makes the newly lifted lashes more visible. This treatment is ideal for anyone with straight, natural lashes, blonde/light lashes, or those looking for a natural curl.



Lacy’s main goal was to create more volume in her mid-face, specifically her cheeks. She had been using make-up to achieve the desired contour look. Sculptra builds on your own natural collagen. Some clients prefer Sculptra over HA Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler, as your body metabolizes HA Fillers much quicker than Sculptra.